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Welcome to the Capability Adviser Web Assessment Portal

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In Version 9.0 we:

  • improved security *
  • improved stability *
  • improved speed *
  • added an assessment schedule overview
  • added a rating overview window
  • added support for multiple word templates
  • added assessor notepad to track ToDos, etc
  • added styling options for PPT exports
  • improved filtering options in the benchmarking view
  • improved filtering options for excel exports
  • fixed some minor bugs
* this is made possible because we are now using PHP 8.

The Capability Adviser is a web based team assessment tool, supporting an ISO56000 Assessment Model. Joint innovation assessments and creating assessment reports has never been easier.

Visit the Capability Adviser product page at:

Software Process Assessment

Within a process improvement context, process assessment provides the means of characterizing the current practice within an organizational unit in terms of the capability of the selected processes. Analysis of the results in the light of the organization's business needs identifies strengths, weakness and risks inherent in the processes. This, in turn, leads to the ability to determine whether the processes are effective in achieving their goals, and to identify significant causes of poor quality, or overruns in time or cost.These provide the drivers for prioritizing improvements to processes.

Process capability determination is concerned with analysing the proposed capability of selected processes against a target process capability profile in order to identify the risks involved in undertaking a project using the selected processes. The proposed capability may be based on the results of relevant previous process assessments, or may be based on an assessment carried out for the purpose of establishing the proposed capability. 


ISO/IEC 15504-2 defines a reference model of processes and process capability that forms the basis for any model to be used for the purposes of process assessment. The reference model comprises a two-dimensional approach to the evaluation of process capability - one dimension defines the processes to be assessed, the other describes the scale for measurement of capability. Any model(s) compatible with the reference model may be used for assessment, and the results of any conformant assessments will be able to be translated into a common base.

Each process in the reference model is described by a statement of the purpose of the process, which includes an outline of the intended outcomes of process implementation. 

Basic Steps for a Software Process Assessment

The Roles

  • Administrators. They administer different service organisations or divisions of a large corporation or network.
  • Content Providers. They maintain the portal content through an easy to use interface for entering new skills models or process assessment models.
  • Organisations. They administer an unlimited number of projects and can create assessments for projects, which creates so called project assessment workspaces.
  • Participants. The participants can do self-assessments, gather notes, print profiles and assessment records. In a formal-assessment they gather evidences electronically and assign them to processes. To extract improvement recommedations from a formal-assessment the participant can view or print assessor comments connected to certain proccesses.
  • Assessor Pool. Organisations can maintain their own assessor pool. Assessors are assigned to assessments of projects and have their own online interface, which is also organised in form of an assessor workbench..

Process Assessment Models

You can view the currently configured process assessment models by selecting Browse domains .

Self Assessment

Perform a self assessment to receive a first profile and to upload evidences for the formal assessment.

Evidence - Produce an Evidence Portfolio

The system allows you to register as participant, select one of the project assessments and start uploading evidences.

Assessment - Formal Assessment and Advice

Once you completed the evidence collection notify the assessors. The assessors will
  • Assessors will rate your process attributes, so that the participant receives formal capability level and attribute rating profiles
  • Make notes to highlight areas where you have demonstrated a level of competence
  • Make notes to highlight areas where you miss competence and why your evidence is not sufficient
  • Produce an assessment log including all ratings and comments.


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The adaptation and configuration of the Capability Adviser assessment system has been supported by the EU project TIMS (Agreement Number: 2021-1-LV01-KA220-VET-000033281, ISO 56000 InnovationManagement Norm: Training in InnovationManagement System for Sustainable SMEs). In this case the publications (assessment model) reflect the views only of the author(s), and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.